Planning Successful Projects Starting with Preconstruction

Martin Bros. has achieved a long track record of completing projects on schedule and within budget by utilizing our highly qualified staff and creating a level of communication among all trade partners for the betterment of the project. Our preconstruction phase is used to fully vet out options of materials and construction means to achieve your target budget.

Advantages of Preconstruction 

Knowing the end goal of your project makes it simple to put the right processes in place. Collaboration between our team and yours lets us look at all upcoming phases to ensure everyone understands the project goals, gains approval from the necessary personnel, and implement the best ways to maximize value for our clients—all before we even get to the job site.

Preconstruction helps: 

  • Coordinate plans between contractors and trade partners 
  • Anticipate and reduce construction costs 
  • Identify and plan for potential problems 
  • Enhance jobsite safety 
  • Decrease duration of projects 
  • Minimize changing conditions 
  • Increase construction productivity 
  • Improve scheduling and workforce management 

Determining Project Budgets 

If you want your project to be a success, it’s crucial to determine the budget in the early stages. The Martin Bros. team has a keen eye for interpreting architectural drawings as well as the experience to fill in any blanks by providing complete GMAX values without exclusions. From full-blown budgetary breakdowns to forecasting changes in market conditions, nothing is left unaddressed when it comes to identifying and planning for potential roadblocks. 

We’ll provide an estimate for your project—aiming to deliver high value without adding high cost—so you have full transparency into the projected cost. And, if this price is higher than you intended, we’re happy to suggest alternative options that will fit within your budget. Our estimators draw from our vast historical database and bring decades of engineering and project management experience to the table. 

Project Bidding

For over 80 years, Martin Bros. has set the standard for the least variance in final costs. For us, bidding involves our in-house engineering and BIM departments reviewing the details. We then steer clear of substandard materials and deliver a full interpretation of the architect’s intent. 

Explore Our Preconstruction Services

In order to clearly define your expectations and develop the most efficient plan, we offer services including: 

  • Estimating and budget analysis
  • In-house engineering
  • In-house BIM and CAD modeling
  • Value engineering and value analysis
  • Detailed product knowledge and database
  • Schedule creation, review, and coordination
  • Trade coordination 

Constructed for Success

Planning for projects delivers proven results—and our work speaks for itself. Take a look at our most innovative past projects and discover what we can create for you.