Leading the Way with Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology

The construction job site is changing. Paper drawings, sketches, and design plans are giving way to drones, 3D models, and a new interactive experience called augmented reality. Gone are the days of waiting until your entire construction project is complete to see the finished product—with evolving augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, you can take an immersive 4D tour of your building before construction even begins.

Advantages of AR and VR 

Viewing your project before it begins lets you make changes before it’s too late. Martin Bros. is one of few construction companies offering virtual 4D tours, giving you a comprehensive view of the projected building design and structure. If you notice something incorrect or out of place in the virtual model, there’s still time to make the right adjustments at your physical job site. Construction is also streamlined with Microsoft HoloLens AR technology, as builders can get a clear view of where specific parts should go before they actually get to work. 

Our AR and VR Process

When our in-house engineers and BIM team use AR technology during preconstruction, they create a true source model of your building project. The architect’s 3D plan can then be added in the field, allowing for planning adjustments based on this view. Technology this in-depth is monumental in unifying numerous team members whose roles are interconnected during complex, large-scale projects—and this sets everyone on the right path for prefabrication and construction. 

Real-World Success

We’re proud to be paving the way in AR and VR technology in the construction space to create innovative, memorable buildings—and our work speaks for itself. Take a look at our past projects and discover what we can create for you.