Aviation Construction Projects

As new technologies emerge and environmental and governmental regulations demand more of construction within the aviation industry, Martin Bros. is proud to be a partner that can anticipate and avoid potential process delays to deliver exceptional products. Our up-front planning and integrated communication lets us meet aggressive timelines while maintaining the highest level of quality—and regulatory compliance.

A Reputation of Soaring Success

Our track record for projects in the aviation industry speaks for itself. Working collaboratively with local government, airport authorities, transit agencies, general contractors, and designers, we have successfully delivered projects at LAX, San Diego International Airport, and John Wayne Airport. Through our extensive experience, we’ve gained an understanding of the complex nature of aviation work, and serve as a valuable partner to our clients throughout the construction process.  

Typical Project Scope

  • Design Assist 
  • Drywall & Framing 
  • Acoustical Fabric Panels 
  • Aluminum Extrusions 
  • Engineering 
  • Fireproofing 
  • Plaster 
  • BIM 
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Safety Clearances 

Our aviation and transportation group is made up of dedicated, passionate staff with the experience, industry knowledge, creativity, and resourcefulness to deliver a safe project. Our team is trained in completing job hazard analyses for new project activities to ensure all safety equipment is available in the appropriate work areas. We conduct daily pre-task planning (PTP) to address potential on-site hazards and create a safe work environment for everyone involved. 

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