Martin Bros. achieves this by embracing new technologies, ultraprecise bidding and increased safety. The best-run projects achieve pre-construction buy-in from all critical subcontract partners.

$4 billion in completed projects


We believe success starts well before you break ground, and that it’s communication and consensus that truly complete unique projects. That’s why Martin Bros. has both in-house BIM as well as a Registered Professional Engineering department.

  • Virtual Reality

    Have decision makers review a finished build before construction even begins. Virtual reality provides a budget-conscious, immersive 4D tour of your project. Tour our virtual reality cave.
    Augmented Reality Framing.

  • In-House Engineering

    Martin Bros. in-house engineering department keeps your project running smoothly. This group dynamic provides the opportunity to optimize design for materials, labor and schedules.

  • BIM

    Our in-house BIM team ensures proper coordination throughout pre-construction. The BIM modeler, lead foreman and engineers all work from the same location and agree on the best design updates.

  • Prefabrication

    Save time and keep scopes of work manageable by building ready-to-assemble pieces. Martin Bros. has tackled complex prefabricated components that reduce or recover schedule. The Groove CNC Machine.
    Flying Panels.
    Prefabricated Bathrooms.

  • Pre-construction

    Value engineer early, and eliminate most RFIs. We use Bluebeam Studio for real-time digital collaboration. Up to 25 people can access web cams, touchscreens and PDFs to discuss changes and updates on the fly.

Advanced Safety

Martin Bros. is dedicated to the concept that all workplace incidents, including occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented. Accordingly, the company is committed to a policy goal of the elimination of accidents that result in harm to employees, damage to equipment and/or property or the disruption of our clients operations.

Safety Data

  • 2017 EMR: .56
  • 2016 EMR: .59
  • 2015 EMR: .58


Successful projects determine budgets at the earliest stages. We have a keen eye for interpreting architectural drawings, and the experience to fill in any blanks by providing complete GMAX values without exclusions. From full-blown budgetary breakdowns to forecasting changes in market conditions, nothing is left unaddressed when it comes to budgeting.


For over 80 years, Martin Bros. has set the standard for the least variance in final costs. For us, bidding involves our in-house engineering and BIM departments reviewing the details. We then steer clear of substandard materials and deliver a full interpretation of the architect’s intent.